March 23, 2023

Why most salespeople need to be more curious about other people?

What I’ve found is most salespeople are really good at the rapport side of sales but then they become uncomfortable when it comes to the negotiating part!

They spend so much of their time in understanding their product or service, the features and benefits but little time in understanding what makes people tick!

Have you ever noticed that the conversation is usually one way only with the salesperson doing a feature dump?

Notice the lack of questions being asked!
If you’re a salesperson become aware of who does most of the talking in your client meetings.

Most salespeople lack that curiosity about people and really don’t think about why people buy.

Think about it this way!

One of the reasons why this happens is because the prospect may have responded to an ad, and as a salesperson you feel well they enquired, they’re ready to buy.

Then when the salesperson asks for the client to go ahead everything stops!

The client says they’ll have to think about it or
They’re going to get another quote!
Or see another product or service!

Those moments define your sales career and how successful you’ll become.

The problem is most of those situations repeat multiple time for most salespeople.
So why don’t they fix that ?

If you’re a salesperson or a sales director you need to allocate more time in your training for your salespeople to really understand human behaviors especially in sales.

Imagine that your sales interactions are like the interactions of how you would help a good friend?
-Would you be empathetic?
-Would you be patient?
-Would you try to force your opinion on them?
-Would you be looking out for their best interest?

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat it gave it nine ways to look at a situation!

Welcome to the new age of selling.