April 03, 2023

Why Most Salespeople Aren’t Getting Any Closers?

Why do so many salespeople give away their time, knowledge for free or cut their margin…and not get the sale?

I often get complaints from CEOs, sales directors & sales managers that their salespeople get shopped on price or they provide free advice to the client and the client either implements the solution themselves or finds someone else to do it for them cheaper.


We’ve all been told that you need to identify the pain in a client in order to motivate them to make a decision.
The first challenge is you need to firstly find out what the pain is and the second step is to actually get the client to admit that they’ve got the pain.

Because if they don’t admit the pain then it’s just hearsay.
Once a person says they have pain, then they start to believe it’s real. Once you have them admit their pain then you can start to talk about your solution, which is one of reasons why a questioning framework to identify the Decision Triggers is important to understand and the timing of the questions is crucial.

Please also note that at no stage have we actually offered a solution to solve the problem.

This is the real key in our sales system.
Until I get the client to admit they have a need I don’t offer any solution.

If you can learn how people make decisions you’ll avoid all these costly mistakes and actually qualify clients better and motivate them to make decisions to go with you.