September 21, 2023

Why is Emotional Resilience Crucial in Sales?

How developing your Mental Skills can prevent you from being influenced by negativity, other people’s opinions and perceptions?

Have you ever noticed how easily your mental state is being influenced by watching bad news stories one after another?

It's so easy to believe bad news as a part of us gets attracted to it, unwittingly it can also affect our mentality if we are not careful.

How often does the negativity become a reality?

Closing deals demands more than just product know-how; it's about mastering the art of detaching yourself and becoming a master of your thoughts.

I recently did a training with Hornsby BMW during which Larry Tang, Sales Manager, revealed how the training has empowered his team to:
✅ Realise that their skills had not left them but that their mindset had and it can be retrieved
✅ Navigate and realise that they had control over their minds and therefore their results and could choose what to think
✅ When facing challenges that’s the time to get strategic and focus on daily goals not their emotions

Investing in mental skills means investing in sustained sales success. Equip yourselves with the skills that drive results. 💪