• Why is it that when sales people go through a training program, hardly any of their habits change?
  • Why is it that the moment the training is completed, they go back to old habits within a matter of days, if not hours?

Because most training programs address only one or two of the three key elements that need to be aligned for success.


Our course People Who Read People addresses all three,which is why we stand apart in our ability to deliver a fast and lasting change.

Engaging Frontier is an investment in your business, your people and yourself.

Pancho is a recognised leader in the field of cognitive behaviour and has a passion for helping businesses be more successful through the practical application of psychology.

Some key outcomes for our clients have been:

  • Greater confidence when dealing with people
  • A deeper understanding of others’ motivations and objectives
  • An improved attitude to work and home life
  • A positive mindset that opens them up to greater success and opportunities
  • Cutting edge soft skills in influence and persuasion to close more deals faster
  • More mental resilience towards adversity and rejection