July 08, 2024

Why Do Most Organisations Work With the Wrong Values?

Recently I was in Auckland, NZ and watched the final of the Super Rugby between the Blues and the Chiefs.

So being a curious person I stopped in to their headquarters of the Blues on my way back from the gym a few days later.

I met some of their staff who welcomed me into their office.

I asked if i could take photographs and they took them with no hesitation.
There was one particular sign that attracted my eye and it was their “ unifying “ purpose written clearly in reception so the moment you walked in you saw it.

It does have a heavy emphasis with the Māori culture.
So you haven’t been raised in that country or are unaware then you may struggle to understand this.

If you read them it will help you to understand why they have excelled this year and won the final.

What I see with a lot of organisations when they write their values they write them either thinking organisational values are enough or they write them with heavy emphasis on their people or their clients.
Nothing that emphasizes all three.

When you read the line "People Matter, Connections Matters, Excellence Matters”. You understand very clearly that results matter.

Of course sporting organizations are measured by themselves, their fans and by results at the end of the season.
If they don’t win, changes happen fast or nothing changes and the same results keep on happening.
It all depends on their desire to succeed and grow.

The same things also applies to people.
If a person does not know or have any idea of their deep underlying values, they will experience the same results.

My question to you is why do most organisations or individuals not operate in this way, the way a high performance sporting organisation does?

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