April 24, 2024

When Do You Change A Losing Strategy

What does it take for you to change a losing strategy?

If you are playing a numbers game but want to improve those numbers, then you need to change what you are doing.
Simple right?

What most people don’t realise is that often a change in technique, say a sales script has to be matched with a change in mindset, that affects the delivery.

It’s like having a game plan to Federer, but the moment you step on the court, the game plan disappears and so does your mindset, which is why so many tennis players lose the match before they step on the court.

Same happens with salespeople, they’ve got all the right intentions, but the moment the tension increases, the game plan goes out the window.

Training one of our technology clients, we improved the meet to conversion ratio by 15%, which meant that they surpassed their quarterly targets easily. Oh by the way a funny thing happens when you master this area, the profit per deal also increases!
SO spending time to get the mindset working well is a continual process.

This training can be applied to any industry, because the issues around this area with salespeople are the same.
YET no one wants to address it because it takes skill and a willingness from the client to want to deal with this area.

Stop expecting people to be a finished product when they work for you. People need help and development of their mindset and skill set.

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