August 09, 2023

What’s The Secret To Change?

What comes before courage or confidence?


It’s your personal commitment to take a stand no matter what and learn that skill, solve that problem!

It’s something you want

Until you get to this stage you’ll stay where you are.

I’ve seen so many salespeople struggle with themselves not sure what to do… yet they knew they wanted something… better results a better life

But something seems to stop them in their tracks.

What I see is salespeople wanting to feel confident and capable before taking a first step

These people didn’t realise the first stage is getting committed to something and then finding the courage to give it a go and take action

Once you execute you’ll get that confident feeling, the skill follows

Often it’s taking a leap of faith into the unknown.

That’s what commitment is about…

This is one of the reasons why certain salespeople continue to improve while others stay the same.

Change is a continual process of improvement.

Professional sport especially at the top is a clear demonstration of continuous improvement.

These sports stars are committed to improving their craft because they know their competitors are also.

They know what got them there is not going to keep there.

They’re committed to change

The question I have for salespeople is have you ever considered sales as a craft?
Are you a student of this game?

So many salespeople are fearful of trying new techniques, and new behaviours because they get security from the past, and still believe it’s about hard work.