August 23, 2023

What Type Of Salesperson Are You?

Are you a grinder who just makes a lot of calls, playing the numbers game without improving your numbers?
Do you even look at your numbers?

Or are you a salesperson who applies deep thinking and strategy to your job?

Do you look at your numbers and look at ways to improve them?

This shift in thinking is crucial for long-term success and Sales IQ growth.

We often talk about IQ in different fields from professional sports to academics. Invariably a person who develops a deep understanding of their profession. They apply effort and their intelligence to improve, therefore achieving more success in their life because they allocate time to thinking and working with the right people who support them.

These salespeople develop a unique ability to have extraordinary situational awareness of self and the environment

At the heart of IQ growth in any field is a willingness to improve by using your ability to think… to out-think your competition, especially in sales, to build market share, to solve problems for your clients, and to be creative in the solutions that you offer and become hard to copy.

Working smart is a choice, not an easy one though, working hard is a lot easier, because the instant gratification reward is easy to see and feel.

Do the free Emotional Intelligence test and see what type of salesperson you are.

Don’t become a DIRT TRACKER.