April 25, 2024

What Is The Solution To Prospecting Avoidance?

Clearly, one is to hire salespeople who are suited to sales and the uncertainty that comes with it, and there is a specific process for this.

The other option is to turn around a poor performer to becomes less sensitive to rejection and enjoy the process of prospecting and dealing with rejection on a daily basis.

Get the Sensitive Salesperson to understand what the attributes that are holding them back and show them how to work on building those attributes within themselves.

Self-awareness of key behaviours holds the answers to help the sensitive salesperson succeed.

Time and again, we see salespeople turn around their lack of performance once they understand what is holding them back and what they can do to improve.

Seeing small changes gives them hope and a plan of action that they can implement.

Once the awareness sets in, the turnaround is quick.

It’s important to know your numbers personality, performance, and goals.

These increase awareness and motivation alike.