April 20, 2020

What Football Can Teach You about Sales Strategies

Like any other team sport, football can teach you a lot about winning. At the core, football players and salespeople employ very similar strategies. 

So what do football coaches know that sales leaders should learn? 

Here are three that would benefit you to learn:

1.Have a Playbook

How elaborate is your sales strategy? If it involves only a target audience and a pitch, you’ll want to upgrade it a bit. This would be akin to a coach who only gathers the players and tells them where to shoot and nothing else. 

You need a playbook that outlines every step in the sales process, from the moment someone enters the funnel to the follow-up after you close the deal. Without this, your team will lack direction and wander listlessly from one sales moment to another.

2.Have a Strong Offense

Football coaches identify the offensive and the defensive players. While they all play the same sport, not every player is suited for every position. Not figuring out the positions can result in a loss, no matter how talented the players.

This is why you need to get to know your salespeople. Some of them are better storytellers and know how to warm up a prospect. Others are killer closers who know where to land the final punch. Make sure that everyone is playing their best role.

3.Do It for the Fans

If it wasn’t for football fans, there’d be no football. Knowing this, the players devote their energy to repaying the fans’ love for the sport.

It’s the same with your prospects. Without those who are willing to buy, you’d go out of business. Keep this in mind when coming up with your strategy and always give more than you ask for your products or services.

As you can see, football players and salespeople have a lot in common. This is what Frontier Performance can help you with in building your winning team. See if you’re eligible for a free training session to get started.