January 25, 2024

What Drives Highly Motivated Individuals?

There is so much training focused on motivational hype which again, is of no value unless you know the person’s motivators!

This is where focused development of individuals is crucial to their (and your!) success.

It takes a multi-dimensional approach and time, to hire and then develop the right people. The rewards in the long run far outweigh the patience and time investment.

This is the same methodology used by high performance sports teams who do well consistently over long periods, such as the All Blacks, Golden State Warriors and the past Australian Cricket teams.

When we examine these traits in the highly motivated individual there is little need for motivational training as their desire to improve is what drives them, yet most principals see the lack of motivation in their people as the key issue to be fixed.

The problems that are occurring with salespeople are often repeating patterns. There will always be frustration and stress before awareness develops.

The real issue is perhaps the principals have the wrong people and are hoping motivational training will somehow overcome low productivity, which is a temporary fix, at best.

In the words of Jim Collins, “Get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off.”

I would add stop hiring the wrong people in the first place.