April 08, 2024

What do YOU see?

Do you struggle to see the learning in the failure?

Do you struggle to move on from losses and negativity?

Many salespeople, in fact many people struggle to change their perceptions.

The result is often the problem becomes bigger in your mind than in reality?

The consequences are:

-Wasted time dwelling in negativity
-Repeating the mistakes over and over again
-Burn out

What a total waste of your time

Perception is everything. This illustration perfectly captures the duality of perception.

Much like in sales, where understanding and adapting to varied perspectives can make all the difference.

Often the perception happens so quickly, we don’t think and we react, where you will find that see opportunity and learning have that split second where they see the opportunity not the difficulty.

This is often a view on life.

The ability to see beyond the surface is invaluable. It's not just about what's presented—it's about how it's perceived. By being curious, we open doors to new possibilities and deeper connections with our clients, situation and ourselves.

Let's challenge ourselves to look beyond the obvious.