April 12, 2023

What can a builders leveler ruler teach us about delivering winning presentations?

Have you prepared a presentation and wondered if you have the right amount of facts vs stories?

Have you ever considered the importance of repetition in a make a point so everyone remembers it and importantly recognises it as a key component of why they should do the deal with you?
Do you know how to present a word or phrase using keywords that create urgency and drama?

Writing a proposal and then delivering it are two totally different skill sets to master.

In Australia, we have trail lawyers or barristers and we have solicitors who know the technicalities of the law. Barristers are the ones who try and influence the judge to their viewpoint and use all the tools at their disposal to make a point.

They present the facts with energy, style, and flair.

The challenge is salespeople and most business owners never get exposed to the art and science of Presenting a Proposal to close the deal. They know the facts about what they sell and don't realise that not everyone gets excited about the facts.
Imagine you've hired a lawyer who just presents the facts and expects everyone to accept those facts, when the opposing council is the opposite, uses their words with power and energy, and paints a picture of the opposite... who would you believe?

The fact is no matter how good your product or service is, if you can't influence people, you are not going to make the sale, close the deal, or make any margin worthwhile.

There is a distinct set of processes and language that are required to create a presentation that closes the deal.