April 10, 2023

What are three key psychological behaviours of the client you need to influence when trying to close a deal?

1. Influence the mood of the client
2. Influence the mind
3. Make them take action

Have you ever noticed a client's eyes glaze over when you start to pitch your product or services?

Were you aware that you had fallen into the trap of feature dumping or even statement dumping?

Think very closely when you bought something; what influenced your thinking and made you buy?

Let me tell you what probably happened.
The salesperson was either:
-Trustworthy & displayed good character
-The salesperson got you emotionally involved
-The salesperson presented the right amount of facts
-The salesperson told you this in a story that drew you in and you found yourself agreeing with them without any resistance, and it concluded with you making a decision to go ahead.

Note: you bought, you weren’t sold!

As a contrast it’s sometimes easier to see the difference:

The aggressive persuader like Donald Trump when he fired Rosie O’Donnell in the show The Apprentice, “I mean look at her right in that fat, ugly face of hers, I’d say “Rosie, you’re fired.”
George Foreman, on the other hand, is wanting to sell you his grills, he’s trying to change your mood, and your mind and make you act by ordering his famous grills.
If you’ve ever seen the ads he really connects with you on a human level.

Apparently, he makes more money from selling grills than in his fights!

This and much more is the art of Presenting To Close deals.

A presentation done skillfully, gets your clients to want to do what you want them to do…willingly.