December 15, 2015


I know the title is a bit misleading but stay with me and read the article. I was coming back from a training session, not a sales training session this time but from a tennis training session with my son. I was on court with him getting him ready for a futures tennis event. Usually while walking back from his tennis we often engage in interesting conversations about life, tennis, success and whatever seems to be interesting at that moment. Every time when we walk back, on our way we see a black cat sitting on the footpath. It never seems to be in a hurry to get out of the way and tolerates people who pat it.

We spoke about the cat and how it doesn’t really give a hoot. I reflected on the conversation - all the cat ever does is eat and sleep, and my son said “Well, technically that’s what everyone else does as well”. And I thought to myself, yes that is true! The difference is that the cat doesn’t seem to have a care in the world; it just goes about its business as if nothing really matters in the world. A few years from now, will anyone actually be worried about what you have done today/this week/this month/this year?  Will anyone actually care? Why can’t we learn this lesson from this cat… the lesson is don’t take yourself too seriously, learn to move on, do what you have to do and be done with it without worrying about the effects and the end result.  Life is too short.

We create our own pressures, when in reality there is no need for these. How much better would we be if we learnt to not take ourselves too seriously, just got on with life, did what we have to, make a contribution? How much easier would we achieve our goals if we had the attitude that life is short, enjoy what you do, learn to move on from your mistakes, learn from them and JUST MOVE ON.

Having said that, no emotion is a bad emotion; just the way you let it affect you can be debilitating.  Unless used wisely, anxiety and worry are just wasted emotions.