April 26, 2019

The Virat Kohli Success Mantra – Focus and Hard Work Apply to Salespeople Too

When searching for inspiration as a salesperson, you should look to people who’ve achieved success in other avenues. Often, it pays to expand your scope and consider the techniques that others use.

Successful sports stars often provide useful insight.

Cricket superstar Virat Kohli offers so much for you to learn from. The captain of India’s cricket team, Kohli puts his success down to two mantras.

As he puts it: "With focus and hard work, anything is possible. Keep working, keep believing.”

Both are mantras that any aspiring salesperson should apply in their own careers.

The Importance of Focus

Where is your focus?

Most of us hope to achieve success. We hope that we’re going to hit our targets and achieve X amount of sales.

But hope is a passive emotion. It’s not going to help you to maintain focus and actually achieve your goal.

I believe that anticipation is a much more useful emotion.

Anticipation allows you to think in advance. You set your goal and then anticipate all of the obstacles that may stand in the way. From there, you can create a roadmap that leads you towards your goal.

That roadmap helps you to achieve focus. You now have an active mindset, which brings us to the second mantra.

Hard Work Pays Off

It’s something of a cliché. But that’s because it’s true.

If you work hard you will reap the rewards.

However, I will apply a qualifier to this. Working hard to repeat the same results that you’re already getting isn’t effective.

You need to work hard and work smart.

The roadmap that anticipation allows you to create tells you where you need to work. After that, it’s up to you to put the time and effort into achieving your goal.

Create milestones to focus on and work hard to reach them.