July 19, 2019

Use These Success Tips from the Hockeyroos to Boost Your Sales

There are few field hockey teams in the world that can match the success of the Hockeyroos.

Multi-time Olympic champions, the team always finds itself in the top five of women’s hockey teams in the world.

But what are the secrets to their success?

And as importantly, how can you apply those secrets to your sales efforts?

Here’s some insight into the mentality of these championship-winning team.

Secret #1 – Resilience is Key

Mental resilience is one of the five pillars of emotional intelligence. 

And it’s something that every member of the Hockeyroos has to exhibit. They need mental resilience to help them to overcome setbacks and losses.

But as importantly, mental resilience comes into play in regards to team selection.

Hockeyroos star Anna Flanagan discussed this is an interview with Hockey Performance Academy:

“As an elite athlete, there are many highs and lows. I have not always been selected in teams and this has helped to build a greater resilience.”

Things will not always go your way in sales.

That’s when resilience comes to the fore. The mentally resilient can accept these problems for what they are and move on.

Secret #2 – They Don’t Shy Away From Success

Jayde Taylor is another player who can provide some insight into the Hockeyroos’ mentality. 

She once said:

“We won gold in Delhi, we’ve just finished second at the World Cup, and we won’t shy away from the fact that we want to win the gold and that’s our goal.”

The strange thing about success is that it can create fear. You worry about how things may change for you, even if the changes will be for the better.

The Hockeyroos don’t fear success. They embrace it and make no secret about their desire to achieve it.

This inspires a confidence that makes them a formidable force on the field.