September 15, 2023

Understanding the Unconscious Motivation Triggers

Have you ever wondered why some people can make quick decisions while others need tons of information before saying "yes"? It all comes down to understanding their unconscious motivation triggers.

The first step in identifying the unconscious motivation triggers that drive decision-making requires keen observation and active listening.

Listening for Clues: The Key to Unlocking Decisions

Here are some techniques that can help you uncover those triggers:

1. Ask open-ended questions: Encourage your audience to share their experiences and preferences openly.
2. Digging deeper: When your audience responds, don't stop at the surface-level answer. Follow up with probing questions.
3. Pay attention to language markers: Listen carefully to the words your audience uses.
4. Empathise and validate: Show that you genuinely understand and appreciate their perspective. Respond with empathy.

When people feel genuinely listened to and understood, they begin to develop the know, like, and trust factor. This powerful formula lies at the heart of building meaningful relationships in sales interactions.

Embracing the power of active listening uncovers those unconscious motivation triggers that guide decisions. By using the Know, Like, and Trust formula, we can build authentic connections that resonate with clients and enrich their experience with us.