June 24, 2020

Understanding Gestures

In our last post, we established that reading body language is one of the most important skills that a salesperson can possess.
However, there’s a challenge that you need to overcome.

The human brain processes information constantly. It takes everything in, including what you see, hear, and smell.
A lot of the information that it processes is non-verbal.

Consider this when you’re talking to a client.
Their brain isn’t only processing the words that you say. It’s examining the way you look, stand, and move. It’s scanning your face constantly and picking up on all of your expressions. Every gesture that you make gets logged too.
All of this non-verbal information gets recorded and manifests as a reaction in the client’s body language.
And this happens constantly.

That brings us to the challenge that you face as a salesperson.
All of this information gets processed on the unconscious level. Many people don’t even realise that their brains are taking it all in. This means that they don’t have full control over the bodily reactions that manifest in themselves.
Your challenge is to develop the ability to recognise the little gestures that show you how a client really feels about a deal.
It’s to make the unconscious into something tangible that you can use to complete the sale.

Remember this.
Each gesture that somebody makes, no matter how small, is like a word.
Those words form sentences, which form paragraphs.

All of this is information that you can use just as readily as you could use something you read or hear.
One gesture is dependent on another and they link together to create a full picture.

Your goal is to see how all of the words fit together to show you the picture of how the client really feels.
That’s what Frontier Performance would like to help you with.

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