February 22, 2024

Two Psychological Traits That Great Salespeople Share

Psychology is such an important aspect of selling.

You need to understand your own mind and the minds of your clients. Without that ability, you just fall back on ineffective techniques.
You never develop the self-awareness or emotional intelligence to become a great salesperson.

What I’ve found is that many of the best salespeople share similar psychological traits. Here are two that I believe are extremely important.

Trait #1 – Little Self-Consciousness

When Serena Williams plays tennis, she’s not shy about the techniques she uses to motivate herself. If she’s not playing well, she’ll shout at herself to move.
She’s not conscious about the millions of people watching. Instead, she’s focused on doing what she needs to win.
Great salespeople are similarly lacking in self-consciousness. Being too worried about what other people think inhibits you. It stops you from doing things that might lead to success.

Don’t worry about what other people think. When you’re not self-conscious, you’re in a better position to unleash your creativity and adapt to new situations.

Trait #2 – They Have No Sadness

I’ve lost count of the number of salespeople I’ve met who have sadness in their eyes. They’ve lost that passion and fire that drives them to be great.
They allow regret to take over.

But the key is to use your regrets and failures as fuel. They should not overwhelm you. A great salesperson takes these regrets and says “enough is enough”.
They’ll look past the sadness of failure and look at the reasons behind it. This equips them with the self-awareness needed to make positive changes.
Great salespeople have no sadness because they understand that setbacks give them the chance to learn. They adapt to the situation rather than allowing it to overwhelm them.

There are so many more traits that I’d like to discuss with you. And you can learn about them with Frontier Performance.