April 23, 2019

The Two Key Behaviours That Make a Great Salesperson

Everybody has patterns of behaviour.

The key to success in sales is to become self-aware enough to recognise what your patterns are. Only then can you focus on changing the patterns that don’t serve you so you can develop new behaviours.

When you’re at that stage, you’ll be able to develop the three key behaviours that make a great salesperson.

Behaviour #1 – Focus on Value Over Price

This is a particularly important behaviour when you enter a negotiation. Ultimately, you want somebody to buy your product or service. But you can’t head into the negotiation with price as your only trump card.

You need to offer value beyond the price.

Great salespeople focus on the value that their solution offers to the customer. The price is almost secondary.

They’ll establish what the client really needs so they can discuss how their product suits that need. They enter any conversation with multiple value propositions beyond the price.

Behaviour #2 – They Stimulate Their Creativity

It’s easy to read from a sales script. But when you follow that model, you allow the script to limit you. When an obstacle gets presented to you that the script doesn’t cover, you’re lost.

The best salespeople stimulate their creativity to better engage with such issues.

I believe that asking questions of yourself is the best way to do this.

Ask yourself what you can learn from a situation and how you’ll adapt to it in the future. This forces you to come up with more creative solutions, which you can apply when speaking to clients.

Better questions prompt you to create stronger responses. They also raise your self-awareness and help you to see where you may be going wrong.