April 17, 2019

Two Habits That Help Serena Williams Achieve Success (That Salespeople Can Learn From)

Serena Williams is a giant in the game of tennis. She’s on the verge of becoming the most successful female player of all time.

And even now, as she nears the twilight of her career, she’s still a major threat in every tournament.

Why is that?

What habits does Williams have that set her apart from her peers? And more importantly, what can you, as a sales professional, learn from her?

Here are two habits.

Habit #1 – Unbreakable Focus

Nothing can pull Serena Williams’ focus away from her goal.

That ability to zone in on what she wants and keep working towards it has defined her since she was a child. When she first learned how to play tennis, she did so on broken courts while surrounded by poverty.

She did not allow any of it to distract her. Serena made no excuses. Instead, she set her goal and followed a simple plan to achieve it. Her ability to focus, no matter how tough things get, helps her to succeed.

There’s a simple lesson for sales professionals here. If you’re trying to do too many things at once, you can’t focus. Keep your plans simple and maintain your focus to achieve your goals.

Habit #2 – She Knows How She Works

Serena Williams has a high enough emotional intelligence to know exactly how her body works.

Watch her on the court. When she’s not moving well, she’ll start jerking her limbs around to activate her energy. She’ll even scream at herself to move.

Most people wouldn’t do that. However, Williams knows that these little techniques work to change her state of mind and get her back on track.

You may not need to use the same tricks that Serena uses. However, you do need to find ways to change your state of mind when things aren’t going your way.