July 14, 2023

True Grit: Andy Murray’s Superpower and Lessons for Salespeople | Emotional Intelligence and Sales Strategy

What is True Grit?

…it’s Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a superhero
And his superpower is his warrior attitude

-He’s got a metal hip
-He can’t train like he used to
-He can’t go for runs
-He even walks with a limp
-It takes him longer to recover from matches

Yet he wins

Clearly it also shows that hard work is a given at the top level and the unfair advantage a player has is their mental prowess…their mental fortitude

So often I’ve been asked by salespeople what makes a salesperson mentally tough.

It’s the wrong question to ask!

The unaware tennis player will not be able to process the current situation in a rational manner. Their emotions will get the better of them.

It’s just like a salesperson who is being challenged by a client to drop their price because it’s too expensive and the client threatens to go to the competition.

Those moments will define your career. AND the better you get in dealing with those moments the more Magic moments you will have.

Think about it this way…if this POINT ESCAPES you

His mental ability to think, make decisions under pressure and fight are superior to everyone else’s, which is one of the reasons why he wins.

Yet salespeople and sales managers continue to think it’s about working hard…or technique.
They are the givens

Do the Emotional intelligence test and see which trait is your strength.

The four Emotional intelligences are:
Sensitivity orientation
Achievement orientation
Logical ability
Energy levels

For example if you’re low in Logical ability, there is a positive benefit and a negative benefit.
You won’t suffer from over thinking but then you might will fail to change a losing strategy

If you’re too high in logical thinking …you might overthink things and be in your head too much and not take any action

This is a snippet of the information you get about yourself.
It’s all based on numbers.

If you don’t know yourself especially your EI, how can you make tactical changes when it counts?