January 23, 2024

Three Performance Habits That You Should Adopt Today

Here are three performance habits that you should adopt today.

Habit #1 – They Generate Energy

Richard Branson famously wakes up at 5am and exercises during the morning to generate the energy he needs for the day. If you read into any successful person, you’ll usually find that they have some sort of exercise routine. Or, they meditate or take quick breaks to take their minds off work for a moment. An energised person can attack a task with greater vigour. When you’re starting to flag, find a way to energise yourself. You’ll spark your mind back into life in the process.

Habit #2 – They Create Necessity

Psychology plays such a huge role in success. If you attach necessity to what you’re doing, you’re far more likely to succeed. We see this in athletes who dedicate their performances to their parents. They’ve created a psychological advantage because they have to do something for the people they care about. When sales becomes a necessity, rather than an option, you’re more likely to succeed.

Habit #3 – They Have Courage

Change of any type requires courage. It’s far too easy to fall back into your comfort zone. As a sales professional, doing that means you’re not adapting to your audience. You’re not looking for ways to meet their needs and change based on the environment presented to you. Successful people have the self-awareness needed to recognise when they have to change. More importantly, they have the courage needed to see that change through.