August 13, 2019

Three Life Skills Everyone Needs According to the Redcliffe Dolphins (and How They Can Help Improve Your Sales)

No team has won more Queensland Cups than the Redcliffe Dolphins.

That success isn’t an accident. Instead, it’s born of a constant desire to improve and be the best team in Rugby League.

Salespeople can learn a lot from the team’s success. And it just so happens that the Redcliffe Dolphins have three life skills that will help you boost your sales.

Skill #1 – Turn Failures into Gains

So many salespeople avoid taking risks because they’re afraid of failure.

All that means is that you stagnate while the market evolves beyond your ability to sell to it. Those who took the risks succeed and you end up failing by virtue of doing nothing.

The Dolphins say that if you see every failure as a gain, risk no longer seems scary.

Instead, it becomes an opportunity to learn.

Take positives away from every negative you experience in your career and you’ll create the behaviours that lead to success.

Skill #2 – Maintain an Active Lifestyle

It’s so easy to lose sight of the importance of keeping ourselves fit and healthy when we’re selling.

The job takes over and you focus so intently on it that you stop taking care of yourself.

Maintaining an active lifestyle keeps you fit and energises your sales efforts. Plus, a little exercise goes a long way towards calming your mind and relieving stress.

Skill #3 – Perseverance

As soon as you accept that there’s no such thing as perfect, you’ll understand that things can go wrong.

It happens to all of us. We try something that doesn’t work out and it wears away at our energy.

The salespeople who succeed have the mental resiliency needed to persevere through these tough times.