December 06, 2023

The Value of Downtime

With Enoka’s help, the All Blacks do a great deal of community education.

One topic they talk about frequently is mental health. Specifically, they teach young people how to deal with stress.

Their best solution to stress is simple but effective. The All Blacks have scheduled downtime where they put the game aside for a while.

Here’s what Enoka has to say about taking a break: “I have a very deliberate day that actually fills my tank and no matter where I am in the world, I can get access to those things.”

He recommends simple activities such as taking a walk, watching a movie, or going out for coffee. Just focus on what makes you happy. This will help you recharge and do well at your job.

How Can You Use This to Increase Your Sales?

The All Blacks are open about how much Enoka’s work has helped them all. He worked on their emotional intelligence and taught them useful skills.

To become an excellent salesman, you have to increase your ability to focus. Think about the practical and internal habits you have developed. Your routine can help you get through stressful moments.

Take breaks regularly. Don’t neglect your mental health and wellbeing.

Most importantly, you should consider asking for help if you need it.

Would you rather work with a trained professional? Attend a course? Read a book? There are options out there for everyone.