May 13, 2024

The Skill Every Graduate Needs

Question: What is the one key skill that you need in your life to fast track your success?
Answer: The ability to Read and Influence People

I was invited to train the graduating students who were completing their final year in Financial Planning from Griffith University on key principles of how people think and make decisions.

These skills are important in:

  • Being able to Sell your idea to a client.

  • Sell yourself to a potential employer.

  • Communicate an idea or concept that is easily understood.

In essence, learn to understand people, how they make decisions,…READ THEM like a Book.

If you don’t do this well what are the consequences?

  • Wasted Time

  • Missed opportunities

  • Slow career growth

  • Less money

  • More frustration

What a disaster… no matter what age you are.

The students really embraced the training and took to role plays and got out of their comfort zone.
They learnt that if you can connect to people and that there is a process that you follow and when is done correctly the chances of moving a sale or a negotiation forward are greatly enhanced.

During the role plays the students discovered:

  • That the thinking patterns of their fellow students were different, so they needed to adapt.

  • That the decision-making strategy and the motivation strategies are totally different in process (not everyone decides because of motivation)

  • They learnt the importance of patience in a negotiation.

The key takeaway….People often make decisions based on very little information.

No matter if you are early in your career or want to step up to the next level, the training we offer will help you To Read Yourself and Your Clients.

One passing remark from one of the students was why don’t they teach this at university?
That I cannot provide an answer to.

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