December 11, 2023

The Razor’s Edge

Do you run Away from Fear or move Towards it with excitement?

Do you anticipate and eagerly await the unknown or retreat to the safety of familiar thoughts and strategies and processes?

Inadvertingly if you are the person that follows the familiar path you also prevent progress, in you and your sales teams.

Are you feeling the pressure to constantly deliver results and meet expectations?

As a salesperson, you operate in a dynamic and demanding environment, constantly striving to deliver results, meet expectations, and adapt to the changing market. The pressures and the weight of expectations and the relentless pursuit of results can be overwhelming…for some!

Underneath most people's self-imposed limitations is the river of Fear…most won’t admit it.

Welcome to the Razors Edge.
Scott Robertson's journey as the new All Blacks' coach mirrors the experiences of many business leaders. As one of the most dominant coaches in Super Rugby History, he is about to take that formula into coaching the most dominant sports team in the world, the All Blacks.

He is facing a team grappling with change, the need for broader reach, and the increasing demands for transparency and accessibility and the demand from every Kiwi that they win every test, losing is not an option.

Just as Robertson embraced these challenges, so too can business leaders. It was done with an appetite for change and embracing fear, which is the reason why the old guard was finally removed.

The intensity of purpose and deliberate focus on the development of mentally tough players has been a hallmark of his coaching philosophy. Skill sets follow later, but until you teach people how to embrace fear, you’re teaching little sales tricks here and there hoping for a sustained change that will never come.
For many of our clients, we focus on building the character of the people to handle life’s and business pressures.. dealing with fear and knowing it will always be there, and embracing the challenge.

Oh, one final observation, look at Scott’s eyes, they have an energy that burns intensity.