March 30, 2023

The Psychology of Goal Setting

Training the team at McConnell Bourn in their first session on the Psychology of Personal Performance, there were a number of aha moments that the team experienced.

One of the insights from the session was that you have choices in life.

One of those choices is how do you develop strong boundaries as a person on what you will accept as challenges to your identity or self worth.

Most people don’t realise that if you don’t have strong boundaries of knowing who you are, you can easily be affected by other people’s opinions of you, good or bad.

Commonly this leads to indecision and the emotional roller coaster people experience on a daily basis.

This affects virtually all the decisions you make in your personal and business life.

Unfortunately many people don’t spend enough time to understand this area of their psychology and don’t spend enough time to develop a strong identity and personal boundaries.

Once you do this, then you’re in a position to take control over your life and handle any changes in the environment without being overwhelmed.

In fact you get a measure of control over your mind and then you have true freedom to express yourself. Say things things you’ve always wanted to say, without reservations.

Imagine having a bullet proof shield around you.

It’s a waste of time to do goal setting until you explore this area of your persona and identity & what you need to do to build a strong boundary.

Is it easy ?
Is it worthwhile?
It depends on what you want and how badly you want it.