August 17, 2023

The Power of Patience in Sales: A Key to Success and High Performance

Patience is a virtue…& one of the keys to success in sales

Training the team at Lexus on the sales process they discovered that it was important to be patient and build momentum.

Being patient and curious are the essential ingredients of high performing sales people

How many times have you got a client excited to commit to you and you thought they were ready to go ahead so you pressed the go button and then they changed their mind?

Why does this happen?

Well one of the reasons is we see the client is answering our questions and they’re becoming agreeable. We mistake this agreeableness and the salesperson becomes influenced by their emotion.

This is very important to understand as we’ve all heard that creating emotion in the client is important, but what can also happen is the client’s emotions can also influence how the salesperson feels.
So know the salesperson forgets the sales process and forgets to ask more questions to dig deeper into their issues and the reasons why they need your product.

Unfortunately salespeople are routinely told people buy on emotion, but they’re never told it’s one part of the sales process and not the whole sales process

When a customer is considering buying a car, I’ve seen so many times salespeople get the client so excited about the car and just as quickly the clients emotions cool down and they either stall or change their mind.

If you’re selling high ticket items or solutions, it’s so important to have a sales process so you don’t jump the gun and shut the deal down prematurely.
You lose many deals just because you weren’t patient or have a sales process that needs improvement