May 14, 2024

The one key ingredient for success is

So, what type of sales training engages salespeople and moves the needle?
It’s pretty much like making a delicious chicken curry.

Most training tends to focus on WHAT you will learn, the ingredients.
What’s missing in the recipe and what will make the difference is the HOW and the WHY.
When the cook is separated from the inspiration, the cook is just going through the motions.
Ever seen salespeople do the same, just going through the motions?

In The Voice you will often hear the judges say to the contestant you delivered the song perfectly, but I felt you failed to make a connection with me.

The same things happen when a script is given to a top producer who has the desire and gets the result vs someone who doesn’t, same script but that person does not operate on the same values and beliefs and importantly lacks the inspiration to succeed, they tend to fail.

The same is in training and the same is in selling.
As a trainer I understand THE IMPORTANCE OF THE WHAT. Unfortunately, its taught far too early in sales training.
How often do you see people going through a training session to only revert back into their old behaviours the next day?

When any behaviour is separated from the Why, the Values and Beliefs, people go through the motions. This is an area that needs to be continually revisited, no one is fixed permanently.

When training the team at Dixon, my purpose was to help the team and the managers to connect deeper into what they were doing as people and the difference they could make to people’s lives, especially around finance. After working on their psychology, we focused on conversational structures and decision frameworks and how to influence effectively. The same process applies to any industry, to any person

If you are ready to try sales training that is a little bit different, actually, it’s a lot different, schedule a call with me.