April 07, 2023

The Key Difference Between Psychology Of A Marketing Director Vs. An IT Director

Did you know that the psychology of a marketing director and an IT director are totally different when you’re trying to close a deal in 2 key areas?
Get this wrong and you won’t know why you didn’t get to second base!

Recently on a training on Presenting to Close the attendees learnt two important distinctions
1. Marketing directors think differently to IT directors in one crucial aspect- big picture processing immediately
2. IT directors think differently to marketing directors in one crucial aspect- sequential processing immediately

If you don’t have a sales process that identifies this in the first 1-3 minutes in a meeting to decide if they’ll consider you or not.

For example should you present to trigger emotions or should you present facts first?
Do you know?

There’s no point following an old sales process that presupposes that everyone thinks the same way and that they all make decisions in the same way.

Most salespeople will be 50% right in answering that question.

Your chances of moving to the next step reduce at a rate of knots that will upset you. The conversation will be really short and you won’t even know what happened.

If you don’t know why this happens this then it looks like you’re playing a checker’s game and not a chess game of a deal maker. You’re not Reading the person.

Heads I win tails you lose.

I know salespeople work really hard to open the opportunity and then they can’t figure why the meeting finished so quickly.