August 28, 2023

The All Blacks’ Winning Ethos: A Lesson in Excellence and Commitment

Winning is everything… I think it is part of the All Black ethos… I think you gain that just as a competitive type player and a provincial player and of course, only the best of the best, and the most competitive are going through to the All Blacks."

An obsession about winning, which is distinctive to All Black teams has been nurtured and sustained from the inception of the first team in 1903 until the present day. The core objective of winning is paramount to anything else but is only attained through a commitment to excellence in performance, a never-say-die attitude, pride in the selection and representing your country, and pride in wearing the black jersey with the silver fern.

Many organizations who are searching for that winning formula fail to understand it is not something created overnight. It is a deep dive into understanding why you exist. Understanding your core values and living and breathing them with no exceptions creates exceptional people.

Leaders must first display the intensity of purpose before people will follow. This is what ultimately creates that winning mindset.