April 02, 2020

The 10 Rules for Success (According to Kevin Durant)

Kevin Durant went from a tough childhood and early life to become a basketball legend. There are very few athletes who have achieved his level of success.

But despite this, he isn’t stopping. His drive keeps pushing him to go further, no matter how far he gets. But how?

Here are Durant’s 10 principles for success:

1.Persevere – In sales as in basketball, you have to give it your all no matter how hard it gets.

2.Be Patient – Durant didn’t become the MVP overnight, neither will you a master salesperson. Take your time and use it wisely.

3.Never Settle – Despite all his achievements, Durant never stopped and said ‘It’s enough’, and neither should you.

4.Love What You Do – All the money in the world isn’t worth it if you dread your day. But if you love what you do, all the motivation you need will come from the inside.

5.Don’t Get Complacent – As mentioned, Durant has reached the top but he pushes the limits to achieve more. You might be an awesome salesperson, but you can always become better.

6.Want it Bad Enough – What motivates you to get out of bed every morning and do what you do best? Have this in mind at all times and let it fuel your drive.

7.Appreciate Every Moment – Good or bad, everything that happens carries certain value. You should learn from every bad moment, and do your best to create as many good ones as possible.

8.Work Hard – Grind until you achieve what you set your mind to. Then set a new goal and do it all over.

9.Stay in the Moment – Being mindful of everything that happens in your career is crucial. It will let you uncover many new ideas on how to better yourself.

10.Be Grateful – Don’t forget to stop and count your blessing every once in a while. 

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