What Our Clients Say About Us


Matthew Hayson

Cobden & Hayson

We are half way through training with Pancho and I can categorically say that every one of the team is rating him a 9 or 10 out of 10. He’s phenomenal, especially as we have seen every type of trainer that is available in the real estate industry.

Gavin Rubinstein

Ray White Double Bay

There has been a major shift in the mindset and perspective…the energy levels after your sessions goes up by 3, 4, 5 times, which translates into dollars.

Alexander Phillips

Phillips Pantzer Donnelley

It’s a little bit different to what we have experienced in the past with the standard real estate coach.  It has definitely been a changed environment even within a couple of weeks we saw a change in the way how our agents are dealing with people.

Anthony Caudullo

Senior Property Manager, Crown Property

Your regular ongoing training has been one of the best motivational programs we have ever had the pleasure of being involved with. Your techniques are now being used daily by our staff with a high success and conversion rate. We can’t thank you enough.

Graham Hines

General Manager, Medical Division, C.R. Kennedy

We specifically chose Pancho since he demonstrated knowledge of state‐of‐the art persuasion techniques beyond those of traditional sales trainers. We were very impressed and inspired with the techniques Pancho taught us and were able to implement the various techniques from day one of the training. Our NSW Medical division recorded sales increases in excess of 50% of our non‐Pentax products due in no small part, I am sure, to Pancho’s training. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pancho’s company to any sales organisation looking to re‐energise its sales force, increase sales and/or increase its market share.

Julie Knutsen

Lecturer, Griffith Business School, Griffith University

The workshop was tremendously successful and I want to thank you for the delivery of the content. Your interactive scenario-based style of teaching moved us closer to achieving our objective by building a bridge between the classroom and a real world financial advice and planning context.


VW Liverpool

Ever since Pancho’s training has come into play in terms of the knowledge that I am getting..its brilliant. It’s teaching me things you can not only use in work life but in your personal life as well.


Sylvania BMW

Thanks to Pancho, we’ve got a well versed and well productive sales team here at Sylvania BMW.
We have been using Pancho’s sales techniques now for 12 months in the dealership (BMW) and the sales team have really adopted the techniques and the styles that Pancho has handed them, giving them the motivation to think outside the box to give a different spin on how to adapt within the sales environment and think quick off their feet.


City Ford

We have been working with Frontier for over 12 months now and I feel he gives my sales team the edge.


Domain Residential

This has been a much more productive experience than I could have ever imagined. You know how awesome is that? That’s just awesome, I love that. If you are considering using Pancho and the team, I could not recommend them highly enough.



I have been using Pancho since I started this business 5 years ago – I find his sales techniques and strategies very effective and are continually developing my sales team. This is not a one off course it is a continuous process the minimum investment is 12 months for me to get my team to the level I am looking for.


Sinclair Ford

I don’t think it is any coincidence that the training has helped me benefit greatly.


Northharbour Ford, NZ

Certainly take it up and I think you will find it very valuable.


Sinclair Ford

Well worth a look at, well worth a listen to. It’s very powerful stuff when you work out what you can do with it.


Sinclair Ford

I’ve probably had a 25% increase in my sales.


Sutherland VW

We have engaged with Pancho’s program for the past 12-18 months and in that time I have seen tremendous growth in many of the members of my teams.What I like about Pancho’s style and what Pancho does is, that it’s training for life. It teaches people to deal with issues they may not just have in the workplace or teaches them to close better but also teaches them how to deal with their family better. I know certainly for myself it has helped me to understand my older son a lot better. So it is added value both at home life and at work.


Thompson Ford

What I’ve learned over the past several weeks with Pancho is, you’re learning how to treat and handle every customer differently. It’s a major asset to us.


Doyle Spillane Real Estate

What I have found is that Pancho has been very different to a lot of the people that I have dealt with as far as my training, coaching and mentoring. It comes very highly recommended. I know that I’ve made massive changes with my work.


Ray White Maroubra

I am very very happy to have Pancho on board, training. Our sales team has become really responsive.

Will Harrington

Capstone Recruitment

Thanks for yesterday’s session on goal setting, you made a big impact on all of us.