November 13, 2023

Sell Without Fear

Why don’t you try and be happy and angry at the same time?

For most people this is close to impossible to do.

Why, we can’t hold two competing thoughts at the same time?

If you are you struggling to close deals and relate with clients? 🤔

Many salespeople struggle with these challenges, and the root cause is often hidden in their minds 🧠not knowing they resist change without knowing they do this automatically.

In this video, I shared the hidden forces that can sabotage salespeople's performance and how to overcome them 💪

Get a piece of paper and do the following and do it with the intention that you are helping a friend not yourself:
Step 1
Identify and address the thoughts and assumptions that are holding them back, that their current training does not address.
Step 2
Consider what needs to change.
Step 3
Contact me or someone you can talk to about what you should possibly do to move beyond this situation, because if they don’t then they will stay there.