November 17, 2023

Transforming Your Mindset Quickly

The psychology of changing your state of mind...quickly. Serena demonstrates this perfectly. Let me break it down.

She uses her body to activate her energy levels.

She moves her arms and her whole body in extreme movements to jerk it out of a low energetic state of movement.

She knew that she was not moving well.

She vocalizes/screams for over 20 seconds telling herself to move.

This method works extremely well when you have high awareness of self.

Most people won’t do this due to feeling weird about doing it and worrying about what other people think.

Obviously Serena is not all worried what people think with over 20,000 people looking on.

This is a sure sign of someone who knows how they work.

High emotional intelligence applies everywhere.

Usually these people are champions in all types of professions.

What do you think?