July 19, 2023

Evolving Your Technique: The Key to Success Beyond Hard Work and Mindset

Success … it’s not just about hard work or mindset

It’s also about evolving your technique

If you’re trying to increase sales…

The mistake that most owners, CEOs, sales directors, salespeople make is they stay married to the process and never look at changing a winning process, until it’s too late.

What I’ve found is the lack of awareness costs companies big time and they resort to cutting prices to win deals…

It’s a race to the bottom for most

Which is one if the reasons why salespeople have to work hard and need a tough mentality because you actually make your job harder for yourself.

There is one Emotional Intelligence trait that prevents you from changing.

For most people they just don’t why they resist change… if only they knew why … they could

The cost is emotional and financial