May 06, 2024

Under What Conditions Could Your Beliefs be False?

How can you clean up your thinking that causes the pain of rejection?

Have you ever struggled to stop thinking negatively about a situation or dare I say it picking up the phone due to fear?

Many salespeople struggle with negative self-talk that sells them on their own negative beliefs, then after a while they start to believe that it’s the truth. We have all been there and its difficult to change that thought process around sometimes.

The only time you feel the pain of rejection is when your thoughts are arguing with reality, your feelings are not a true test of reality.

The consequences?
-Wasted time
-Lost opportunities
-Fear of loss
-Cementing poor beliefs into your mindset

What a mess.

Thankfully, in CBT there is a technique I learnt and adapted that is a proven method for challenging negative beliefs. I have used it successfully myself and helped hundreds of salespeople get out of their negative mindset and become productive.

If you use it correctly, you’ll learn to dispute your ineffective beliefs and develop new beliefs that will empower you and eventually a change of mindset and identity will take place.

Here is the first question you can ask someone or yourself. The other questions will appear on another post, it’s worth time to explore this area first and write the answers out.

Under what conditions could feeling rejected be wrong?

What we are doing is called disconfirmation. If you do it this way you actually logically dispute this belief so you start to explore certain conditions where it could be false?
For example some answers to the negative belief could be.
"When I speak to someone and they feel happy I called them to ask how the car is doing?"
"When I speak to them, they feel I care."

If you do this exercise, you’ll see how your mind plays games with you, and that it defaults to the negative, because if you don’t pick up the phone you won’t experience the fear so you will feel safe. Goal achieved!

Just be aware when you avoid the activity that you need to do, you’ll distract yourself with a task not related to the activity, or have a conversation that diverts your attention away from doing the thing you need to.
If you develop the self-awareness these will become positive triggers and eventually you'll enjoy the task.

If you or you want your team to finally develop the mindset and skills to pick up the phone and call without fear and enjoy the process that delivers new business leads and real results, then reach out to me and book a time by clicking here.