October 27, 2023

Nature vs Nurture

Why do so many salespeople fail to fulfil their potential?

Picture this, you as the principal are sitting alone in your office racking your brain, trying to figure out why the last ‘hot potential’ salesperson hired a few months ago isn’t performing.

You think about the time, money and the emotional stress you have expended trying to get them to deliver on their potential but with no luck.

Why is that?

You start to think about how many salespeople have come and gone through your business and why so many of them wasted their talents, opportunities, and training to accomplish average results.

Many principals will talk about the 80/20 rule when hiring salespeople.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

How can you improve the odds, firstly while hiring, and then when developing your salespeople to overcome weaknesses so that hiring the right salesperson does not have to be a lottery?

How do you stop a seemingly high achieving candidate from becoming a ‘consistent average’ performer?

The trick is in being aware and armed with knowledge.

The knowledge to recognise the desirable qualities in a consistently high achiever and identify the gaps and work on closing the gaps.

So, what is the difference between people of equal talent and motivation, some who become great performers and some who stay average?

What are the differentiating traits?

When applying for a sales role, there are standard questions and responses around their drive to succeed, their work ethic and social skills.

However, the real issue is to understand what motivates the candidate to improve?

When they talk about their work ethic, what do they mean?

What is that based on? When they talk about, they like real estate; in which context?

So, what we really need to find out is, does the salesperson have the intangible qualities or not.

Does this resonate with you?