August 21, 2023

What Is Your Calls-to-meetings Ratio?

You probably make a lot of calls daily. But you don’t get the number of appointments you expect.

If this is happening to you, it’s probably time to revisit and change your script.

There is a way to get really good at appointment setting.


✅ The first thing is to analyse your call-to-meeting ratio
✅The second thing is get into the right mindset for Cold Calling.
✅Continually tweak your script to get the result
✅Be accountable!

It is worth spending time to develop a unique script that gets immediate interest without taking too long to communicate to the prospect that you want to meet them.

Prospects have very little patience to listen to you.

I remember when I looked at my numbers and analysed my call-to-meeting ratios, got my mindset sorted, it was all about strategy and continually tweaking my script to get the result. The same amount of calls but a higher meeting ratio!

This has also been implemented, time and again, by numerous salespeople who follow my frameworks for the mental side and to understand the strategy around script development, improving their call-to-meeting ratios.

The one thing that improved my call-to-meeting ratios was being accountable on a weekly basis.

I have a weekly focus sheet that will help you to identify the behaviors that stop you from making your calls.

I could see my progress on a weekly basis and I could also see my behaviors changing.