October 23, 2023

How a Call Strategy Boosted Meetings by 30% in Just 3 Months

How focusing on the bare minimum of calls per day increased meetings by 30% in 3 months!

That’s heard it.

Getting the sales team to make a low number of calls on a daily basis actually resulted in more meetings and this was prior to any training on appointment setting.

One of the cornerstones of success in sales is for the salesperson to understand the process of habit change in a particular area, but being made aware that external and internal factors are impacting on them.

Too many people rush in and generalise it to a growth mindset.

But what are you talking about when you say it’s a mindset issue?

Habit change is an inner game. It requires you to examine what you think and what you actually do are often poles apart. It’s about rationally reviewing the evidence of your thinking and this understanding rarely comes in a training session that tells you to make 100 calls and think positively, I am sure you realise this.

There are crucial conversations that need to be had with the team and the information provided has to stretch their mind to consider what could potentially be achieved and how. Nothing like firing up the imagination.

Well, from experience it’s pretty difficult to think positive when everything around you is hardly positive. This becomes an important area in your life in learning to deal with this.

The first stage is to look at just one thing you can do to make that day better.

Salespeople should prioritise daily activities that align with the inner change work they are doing on their Identity and beliefs, before even considering their goals. Focus on developing habits that likely involve creating daily routines that align with these objectives that are minimal changes.

Our program, as endorsed by Donald Muldrew from Cutlers Real Estate, exemplifies how a focus on these areas can lead to outstanding results in the competitive world of sales and develop salespeople who can see the possibilities for themselves is unlimited. To improve your skillset, consider embracing these principles and seeking out programs that can help you on your inner journey to success in your job and achieving those dreams and desires you want so badly.

Is it worth having a conversation about this for you or your team?