May 29, 2024

The first 5 seconds of your call REALLY matter

I recently conducted a 4-hour appointment setting workshop with the amazing sales team at Hornsby BMW. This wasn't your typical training session - we dived deep into the science of peak performance, equipping them with the mental tools to crush their call goals.

If you ever struggled to get over call reluctance, then there are some key insights from this training that you might want to apply.

One of the key challenges in the automotive sector is that models are generally no longer in short supply, which often leads to clients slowing down their buying process.
Have you ever noticed that when something is in short supply you want it more but the moment its available easily, then the motivation to act slows down. You need to be aware of this psychological insight. Always learn to deal with reality. The environment changes.

So, there are some key mental and structural processes that you need to be aware of in order to set meetings with clients or in this case invite them to the dealership:

Key points
· Focus on being in a happy curious state before you pick up the phone
· Have a clear outcome for why you are doing this in your head
· Have a conversation in a friendly but firm business tone
· Ask for a meeting
· Follow the structure of the script
· Log your numbers

The reduction of any form of anxiety prior and during the call is important as the client can smell desperation. If you focus on having a well-constructed conversation and throw in some humour, and if they client does not want to meet with you, you are going to leave a great impression so that when you call them up later, they will remember it. No call is ever wasted.

I know this for a fact having owned and operated my own call centre, the first 5 seconds of the call make or break the rest of the call. That first 5 seconds is when you are in your head thinking all types of thoughts, usually negative, so you need to stop that chatter and focus on the ringing sound.
When you make over 220,000 cold calls you learn fast.

We also got tactical, with proven scripts and calling techniques designed to convert conversations into appointments. And to keep the energy high, we celebrated every win with a fun bell-ringing system – a constant reminder of the power of their persuasive skills.