May 29, 2024

The first 5 seconds of your call REALLY matter

I recently conducted a 4-hour appointment setting workshop with the amazing sales team at Hornsby BMW. This wasn't your typical training session - we dived deep into the science of peak performance, equipping them with the mental tools to crush their call goals.

If you ever struggled to get over call reluctance, then there are some key insights from this training that you might want to apply.

One of the key challenges in the automotive sector is that models are generally no longer in short supply, which often leads to clients slowing down their buying process.
Have you ever noticed that when something is in short supply you want it more but the moment its available easily, then the motivation to act slows down. You need to be aware of this psychological insight. Always learn to deal with reality. The environment changes.

So, there are some key mental and structural processes that you need to be aware of in order to set meetings with clients or in this case invite them to the dealership:

Key points
· Focus on being in a happy curious state before you pick up the phone
· Have a clear outcome for why you are doing this in your head
· Have a conversation in a friendly but firm business tone
· Ask for a meeting
· Follow the structure of the script
· Log your numbers

The reduction of any form of anxiety prior and during the call is important as the client can smell desperation. If you focus on having a well-constructed conversation and throw in some humour, and if they client does not want to meet with you, you are going to leave a great impression so that when you call them up later, they will remember it. No call is ever wasted.

I know this for a fact having owned and operated my own call centre, the first 5 seconds of the call make or break the rest of the call. That first 5 seconds is when you are in your head thinking all types of thoughts, usually negative, so you need to stop that chatter and focus on the ringing sound.
When you make over 220,000 cold calls you learn fast.

We also got tactical, with proven scripts and calling techniques designed to convert conversations into appointments. And to keep the energy high, we celebrated every win with a fun bell-ringing system – a constant reminder of the power of their persuasive skills.
April 03, 2024

Understanding Procrastination: Its Emotional and Financial Costs

Why people struggle with overcoming procrastination and the cost you pay, emotionally and financially?

Picture this, a salesperson sitting at their desk and struggling to pick up the phone to make their calls.

How procrastination can lead to call reluctance and can affect all aspects of your sales performance and lead to increased frustration with yourself?

What are the behavioural signs of call reluctance and procrastination either in yourself or in the team that you manage?

The technical definition of procrastination is:

"To voluntarily delay an intended course of action despite expecting to be worse off for the delay.”

Procrastination is a very common behavioural issue that not only salespeople experience, but also leaders, parents and also students.

Students will often avoid writing that essay or studying for that examine until the last minute and because of time pressure they finally relent and do what they must do.

You will often see students make multiple visits to the fridge to see what to eat or check their socials, anything but to do what they have to do.

The common result from this is substandard output or failure.

Having studied hundreds of salespeople and having them send their accountability reports to us, procrastination is not so much about avoidance of the task as it is about feeling that you will fail to do the task and be seen as a failure by yourself, by your peers or parents.

The shame attached to this is enough for most people to avoid the task. Because you avoid failure you won’t be seen as a failure.

This impacts on the self-worth of that person.

So why do a task where my self-worth and self esteem will be at risk?


What do you think of this?
September 01, 2023

The Mind-Body Connection in Sports and Sales

Everyone experiences stress

It’s how you deal with it that matters.

In the 2023 French Open semi-final between Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic, Carlos admitted that the tension of playing Novak got to him, which contributed to his whole body cramping up and not being able to move.

In fact, he said it was nothing like he had ever experienced before.

This is a clear description of the mind body connection and how the mind affects the body’s functioning.

At the heart of this tension is fear. Fear of the unknown.

Fear felt in the body communicating to the brain to protect himself.

This was possibly a psychosomatic condition.

After all, he was not in any real danger. His life was not in jeopardy!

Similarly, many salespeople experience rejection and don’t know how to handle it, resulting in what I call, their unique PTSD (post traumatic SALES disorder).

You’ll see this in salespeople who experience the emotional roller coaster on a regular basis.

Often salespeople who experience this will prefer contacting people by email or texting as they prefer not to hear “No” directly from the prospect.

If you’re a sales director/manager wanting to build resilience in your sales team then the psyche of your salespeople has to be addressed, to address the soma, the body.


Because one affects the other in a feedback loop.

There’s no point in putting sales people through sales training if you don’t address these psychological areas.

Ever wondered why salespeople experience “Call Reluctance“?

It’s not like a hand is going to come out of the phone and grab you, is it?

But for many salespeople being rejected is akin to social rejection and it’s very similar to physical pain.

The first step in mastering your fears is actually to put yourself through training in this area, much like a sportsperson. Be exposed to it.

Second step is to realise it’s not usually fixed in a one day workshop. It’s not just about being passionate. It’s about changing deep, underlying behaviours.

Carlos Alcaraz will spend time with his coach talking it through and dissecting what happened.

Also the solution will not come on the practice court. The opportunity to master the same situation will only occur once he is in the same position facing a similar fear.

BUT, preparation is king.

It’s not something that is overcome in a single, over-hyped training session. It’s thoughtful interaction, with a lot of honesty and vulnerability.

People who want to get to the top face criticism and flaws with a calm mind.
August 14, 2023

Overcoming Call Reluctance: Conquer Negative Emotions in Prospecting

The struggle..
Negative emotions while prospecting

Do these negative emotions stop you from making that next call?

Do you know the cost of not picking up that phone?

Have you calculated what each call is worth to you?
That’s the cost you pay until you get this handled

Here’s a quick tip to overcome call reluctance
1. Take a deep breath, hold it for 5 seconds, breathe out
2. Give yourself a positive thought
3. Pick up that phone. Start.

And make that call!

I know what this is like, I’ve made over 200, 000 cold calls.

Would you like some help with overcoming negative emotions when it comes to prospecting?