February 13, 2024

Overlooked to Overbooked?

How a longer script virtually doubled the number of appointments in a week at this call centre?

Meet Joka, one of the telemarketers from a call centre that I am training. When I presented the new script they all said it was so long. Joka took it upon herself, got the courage up, and started using it, and the result was more appointments booked than ever before.

As a current update, the number of appointments based upon last year is up significantly.

There is so much more to achieve these results than a script, the psychology of the person, the tone, the delivery, the pauses, and the practice.

In any script, there are key parts that need to be delivered just right as they have a massive impact on influencing the buyer to keep talking to you and book the meeting. If you give it the same importance as an actor delivering their lines, the results follow.

Having had my own call centre for over 15 years and having sat on the side of the phone making one call after another, it can be something that drains you or energises you. Your mentality is one area that is continuously challenged. As you can see it's just not about making calls.

The little things matter. If you are struggling to get your call centre to get you the number of appointments you expect, direct message me, and let's have a quick chat. By the way, this also applies to salespeople.