September 22, 2023

How Do You Shape Clients’ Perceptions?

Why do so many salespeople lose deals because they mistake price as the determining factor in resistance from their clients?

Why would someone pay over $7000 for a tummy tuck and not pay $30 a week to a gym to lose weight?

I would often ask my father who is a retired plastic surgeon why people would pay that kind of money.
His response” A variety of reasons but mostly so they could look good fast without doing the work.”

It’s the PAIN and discipline required to get that flat stomach that frankly people don’t want to do if they have a choice.
So, they pay the money and they’re happy.

How can salespeople utilise this understanding of human behaviour to change the mind of the client fast and to consider leaving a deposit and be happy to wait for the car, maybe in 6 months?

It’s about shaping perceptions. The clients, not yours.
How many deals are lost because the salesperson has come to the wrong conclusion?

I recently conducted a training session on reducing resistance in sales with the team at Lexus. In this session, we explored the intricate interplay of psychology and communication.
We were able to uncover invaluable insights that can transform the way you approach potential clients and change their minds.

There are a couple of things to be aware of:

· As a salesperson stop jumping to conclusions
· Stop and process the conversation and then answer.
· If you are not sure about something, get comfortable in asking for clarification.

Understanding the science of resistance reduction transforms the narrative. Instead of feeling like adversaries, you and the client collaboratively find solutions. The training equips you to navigate objections with confidence and get the client answering their own objections if you do it well.

That is really a great skill to have when the client comes to their own realisation that their objection is not really a big deal. As we know when the client says it, then it becomes real. They make the buying decision.