April 04, 2024

How to Overcome Clients’ Indecision

Here are things you can do to overcome clients’ indecision

1. Don’t provide too many options or choices. Two to three is all you need.

2. Provide examples or situations which enhance your image in the eyes of the client. This will make the client comfortable in associating with you. This is yet another reason why top agents win more business; because their client sees their self-image being validated or enhanced by association.

3. If you see that the relationship isn’t a good fit for you, make it easy for them to say no. Be upfront about it. You will find it liberating and you will gain confidence in this new-found freedom of not needing a deal

The dual benefit here is:

You make it easy for the client to make a decision by taking all the pressure off them, and
they will consider you an ally rather than someone with the unpleasant association of putting pressure on them.

The result is you’ll either be a favourable choice in this transaction, or if not this time, they’ll reach out to you in the future.

We are now moving into the area of understanding the psychology of the client. Be aware that everyone’s decisions are influenced differently, so a standard script will not work for everyone.

You require a high level of awareness to sense and see the change in the client and listening skills to be able to tailor your response to their key requirements.