June 18, 2024

Is Client Satisfaction Achieved Without Setting Expectations?

Why setting client expectations in servicing is critical for optimal client satisfaction.

I had a great conversation with Michael Di Lieto from Hornsby BMW about the power of booking clients for servicing by setting timeline expectations.

Here's why it matters:
1. Guides clients towards the right service window for a smooth experience (saves them & you time & money).
2. Sets clear expectations. Agree on a timeframe that works for everyone.

What I have found when you as the supplier of the service do not set expectations, the clients set them.

Whether you are providing choices on service times or service options, its really important from the start to set expectations, so both parties know where they stand. After all this is the basis of an exchange of value between parties, its also the basis for a clear business relationship of understanding and mutual respect. Most people don’t understand that clear communications are so important for a long term relationship.

Why this matters?
· Prevent confusion
· Prevents price based objections (you know the ones, I can go to my local mechanic and get it done for half the price or just use generic parts instead of genuine parts)