July 02, 2024

Uncovering the Truths in Goal Setting

How important is understanding your psychology in goal setting?
Training the team at Cutlers Real Estate we went deep into the psychology of goal setting.

What I’ve found is no one actually addresses the real issues in goal setting such as:
-Figuring out what you really want is sometimes is not enough to make you take action
-The challenge of managing emotions around failure and motivation
-Time management and why it’s crucial for success
-How to deal with a lack of motivation and what do you do to get it back
-Understanding the real “why” behind your goals
-How to deal with your own expectations

What’s the cost financially and psychologically to business?

Well it’s easy to calculate the financial cost to the business and salesperson.

-Are sales increasing?
-Is profit increasing?
-Are people leaving?
-Are there extra funds to expand and hire top talent?

What’s harder is to calculate is the psychological cost to the business and salesperson and their managers.

How do these sound?
-Increased stress and anxiety for everyone
-The joy being squeezed slowly out of you
-Average performance becomes the norm
-Dysfunctional and surface level relationships
And I can go on…

These are just some of the areas I focus on in the session to address and fix

The real question for anyone is why is it so difficult to firstly identify what you really want and then manage your own mindset to go after your goals without being overwhelmed?

The problem is when you attend most goal setting workshops is that there is a heavy focus on SMART goals.

The trainer and the manager assumes everyone is clear on what they want, no psychological issues to speak off, well structured and disciplined and everyone is a top performer.
In my experience there are real reasons why people struggle and often the struggle is mental and procedural.