February 06, 2024

16 Meetings in 5 Days?

How a change in mindset resulted in 16 meetings booked in a week?

5 days after going through my training on the Science of Appointment Setting

This is what one of my clients reported after one week.

57 conversations in five days
16 meetings booked

Call volume up significantly, never made those number of calls in a week before.

One of the biggest problems that companies have is generating new business opportunities…consistently

How do you get salespeople to enjoy the process of making calls everyday and enjoy the process?

One of the keys is changing the way salespeople see the activity and then designing the activity that gently builds confidence and then builds momentum without the anxiety.

From my personal experience of making over 220,000 cold calls, the biggest hurdle is making that first call.
So I devised a plan that made it easy to make that first call.

The rest becomes easy after that.

Understanding the psychology of numbers is crucial and how they are presented to salespeople.
Once done the salespeople actually feel empowered to make the calls because they attach no emotion to the result.

The training is not a rev up session, there’s no pleading or ranting, telling the team to make more calls.

Well the thing is everyone knows that.

The plan is presented in a way that they buy into the process…they own it.

So the real issue is why don’t salespeople do the calls with the right mindset?

When you understand the mindset of salespeople and the psychology of of how numbers need to be presented you can change their perspectives, which leads to heightened motivation to make the calls without the fear of feeling like a failure or anxiety. Doubts and insecurities disappear.

What would an extra 7 meetings every week mean to you?